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Our goal is simple: connect the supply with demand, and vice versa. So, how is it done? Simple. 

If you are a developer, specialising in node.js, JS, java or any other language, you can upload a profile, showcasing your skills, that thousands of companies can see.

If you are a company, post the positions or general requirements you wish to fill, then the developers can search or be notified when a listing is posted! You can find the ideal match.

why use node am?


You can sign up today and enjoy:

Developers post ads and profiles for FREE. We do not charge devs for wanting to showcase their profiles

We will grow every day. This means that more and more companies will potentially see your profile so remember to keep it updated, even if you found work!

You can search for other developers, see how you compare. You can also search for companies to see which companies can offer what.

We will build a community around you. Soon we will add forums and dev-zones for you to discuss work, companies, technical stuff and to generally chill.


Want to find the best of the best?

You can get as specific or as technical as you want to efficiently help you sift through the devs to find your ideal match for you project, environment and company.

We will add devs daily, so you will have a larger and larger supply pool to pick from as we grow. 

Armenia’s development sector is exploding, but supply is still trailing demand. Armenian developers are a hot commodity globally, so dont miss out.

We cater to international firms who want to hire and export talent from Armenia to your country such as the US, Europe and Asia. Make sure to specify you’re location, VISA opportunities and perks for the devs.

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